After independence The First President of Lahore Bar Association is Sheikh Azeem Ullah elected in 1947 and Second or Third President Kh.Ghulam Mustafa elected for two time 1948, 1949   and so on …And First Secretary General Kh.Mohd Hussain Butt  elected in 1947 , Secretary  Mian A.A. Makhdoomi  elected in 1947   and become again Secretary General in 1948.The First  Senior Vice President  .Arshad Mubeen Anwari elected in 1971   and CH M. Abdul Saleem vice president  elected in 1971.

Cabinet of 2020-21

Name Designation Contact Image G.A.KHAN TARIQ President 0333-4246588 RANA MUHAMMAD NAEEM Senior Vice President 0302-8401356 KARAM NIZAM RAWN Vice President 0300-4438431 NADEEM ZIA BUTT Vice President (Model Town Seat) 0321-4893969 REHAN AHMAD KHAN Secretary General 0300-4473688 SULTAN HASSAN MALIK Secretary 0321-8422258 MIAN USAMA JAWAD Joint Secretary 0333-4405092 ALI IMRAN BHATTI Finance Secretary 0344-8333003 MIAN [...]

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Cabinet of 2019-20

Name Designation Contact Image Muhammad Asim Cheema President 0300-4839877 IJAZ REHMAT BASRA Senior Vice-President 0323-4246167 MUHAMMAD PERVAIZ SULEHRI Vice-President 0300-4146726 SYED MUJTABA KAZMI Vice -President (cant town) 0321-8428548 RANA MANZOOR AHMED Vice-President(model town) 0300-4208930 MALIK MAQSOOOD KHOKHAR Secretary General 0300-4742073 MALIIK ADEEL IHSAN Secretary 0321-9032148 ZARGHAM WAHEED BUTT Joint Secretary 03224246798 RAJA NOUMAN ALI [...]

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Cabinet of 2018-19

Name Designation Contact Malik Muhammad Arshad President 0321-4460622,0300-9480933 Ch, Fawad Aslam Ramey Senior Vice-President 0346-4009286 Mehr Tanveer Iftikhar Vice-President 03214351213 Aziz Ahmed Bhatti Vice -President (cant town) 0321-9423886 Main Asif Ali Vice-President(model town) 0321-4992566 Malik Sohail Murshad Secretary General 0322-8001034 Ahmad Fraz Lone Secretary 0333-4337621 Muhammad Usman Bhatti Joint Secretary 0321-4340054 Shabnam Bano Finance [...]

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Cabinet of 2016-17

Name Designation Contact Arshad Jahangir Jhoja President 0333-4253326 Shahid Maqsood Bhulla Senior Vice-President 0300-9449668 Rana Saeed Anwar Vice-President 0321-9488986 Muhammad Shahzad Khan Kakar Vice-President(model town) 0321-9433044 Muhammad Naeem Khan Chohan Secretary General 0333-4829698 Shahid Nawab Cheema Secretary 03224522228 Adnan Sandhu Joint Secretary 0323-4730368 Riffat Tufail Malik Finance Secretary 0300-8835359,03064498245 Syed Sabir Ali Shah Library [...]

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Cabinet of 2015-16

Nam. Designation Contact Ch.  Ishtiaq A. Khan President 0300-6569111 Jahangir Ahmed Bhati Senior Vice-President 0333-4271955 Malik Sultan Ahmed Vice-President 0333-4570458 Syed Tafseer Haider Shah Vice-President(model town) 0333-4302530,0321-4510527 Adeeb Aslam Bhinder Secretary General 0300-4767725 Jawad Malik Secretary 0321-9472215 Rana Ahsan Ali Joint Secretary 0300-4750310 Ch.Fizhar Jutt Finance Secretary 0300-4411951,00322-4455951 Mian Sultan Mahmood Library Secretary 03004147070 [...]

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Cabinet of 2014-15

Name Designation Contact Ch.Muhammad Ishtiaq President 0301-4458707 Ghulam Abbas Sahir Awan Senior Vice-President 0321-8400731 Labib Zafar Bajwa Vice-President 0321-4240470 Rana Zammer Ahmad Jhedu Vice-President(model town) 0300-0321441 Ch. Muhammad Saleem Ladhi Secretary General 0300-42995993 Qaseem Aslam Hanjra Secretary 0300-4514270 Tahir Riaz Sulehria Joint Secretary 0321-7241042 Syed Pir Fareed ul-Haq Chishti Finance Secretary 0333-9813133 Rashid Nazeer [...]

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Cabinet of 2013-14

Name Designation Contact Nuaman Qureshi President 0333-4125551 Mian Shahzad Hassan Senior Vice-President 0300-9464844 Ch. Tauqeer Sadiq Vice-President 0333-4611706 Ch.Irfan Riaz Basra Vice-President(model town) 0300-8024365,0333-8024365 Kamran Bashir Mughal Secretary General 0300-4282004 Muhammad Nadeem Ch. Secretary 0333-4355227 Sheikh Kashif Ali Joint Secretary 0300-4710030 Fazaila Farheen Rana Finance Secretary 0323-4638893 Mirza Waqar Aslam Baig Library Secretary 0333-4332518 [...]

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Cabinet of 2012-13

Name Designation Contact Zulfiqar Ali Ch President 0300-9441803 Malik Faiz Khokhar Senior Vice-President 0300-9449668 Rana Javaid Bashir Khan Vice-President 0300-4208923 Agha Shazab Masood Vice-President(model town) 03004532886 Jawad Akbar Gill Secretary General 0300-4503306 Asad Zaidi Secretary 0300-4230984 Saima Malik Joint Secretary 0331-4018582 Malik Liaqat Awan Finance Secretary 0333-4314201 Sheikh Muhammad Amir Library Secretary 0300-8865350 Mumtaz [...]

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Cabinet of 2010-11

Name Designation Address Contact Sajad Bashir Sheikh Adv. President 2cnd Floor Nawe-Y-Waqat Building-4-Fatima Jinha Road LHR. 0300-9440236 Syeda Lubna Mahoomed Adv. Senior Vice-President First Floor Kashif Chambers6-Laraj  Road LHR. 0302-4365973 Sheikh Zulfiqar Haider Manki Adv. Vice-President 16-/B Chowek Chur-buji  LHR. 0300-9414933 Nosherva Adil Adv. Vice-President(model town) Chamber no.107-Model Town LHR. 0300-4367351 Qasam Hassen Adv. [...]

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Cabinet of 2009-10

Name Designation Contact Rana Zia-Abdural Rehman President 0322/21-4466147 M.R. Awan Senior Vice-President 0333-4265868 Muhammad Khalid Ch. Vice-President 0321-9440348 Ch.Akbar Gujjar Vice-President(model town) 0300-4434898 Ahmad Yar Chaawali Secretary General 0300-4250402 Khuram Rafeeq Sahad Secretary 0321-4966122 Syed Fayyaz Jaffar Joint Secretary 0300/22-4175286 Asif Shakar Finance Secretary 0300-4814327 Irfan Ali Shah Library Secretary 0331-9102657/0323-0010158 Imran Ahmad Bhatti [...]

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