After independence The First President of Lahore Bar Association is Sheikh Azeem Ullah elected in 1947 and Second or Third President Kh.Ghulam Mustafa elected for two time 1948, 1949   and so on …And First Secretary General Kh.Mohd Hussain Butt  elected in 1947 , Secretary  Mian A.A. Makhdoomi  elected in 1947   and become again Secretary General in 1948.The First  Senior Vice President  .Arshad Mubeen Anwari elected in 1971   and CH M. Abdul Saleem vice president  elected in 1971.

Cabinet of 2008-09

Name Designation Contact Manzoor Qadir President 0300-9460385 M. Asim Cheema Senior Vice-President 0300-4839877  Malik Muhammad Arshad Vice-President 0300-9480933 Ch. Qamar Shahid Vice-President(model town) 0333-4257296 0321-4044058 Ch. M. Latif Sara Secretary General 0321/300-4646456 Malik Sarood Secretary 0300/0321-8408844 Sajjad Mahmood Butt Joint Secretary 0300-4441435 Shahid Mahmood Minhas Finance Secretary 0333-4104700/4207131 M.Tariq Ch. Library Secretary 0300-4587597 0321-4353809 [...]

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Cabinet of 2007-08

Name Designation Contact Syed Muhammad Shah President 0300-8814050 0333-4321229 Iftikhar Alii Bhatti Senior Vice-President 0300-9412405 Mian Asmat-Ullah Vice-President 0333-4232940 Sheikh Yasir Khalil Vice-President(model town) 0300-9483168 Khawar Bashir Secretary General 0321-8434457 Shahmem-ur-Rehman Malik Secretary 0333-4244964 0321-4457161 Miss Chanda Ajmeel Joint Secretary 0300-4687768 0303-6428163 Sheikh Muhammad Saleem Ahmed Finance Secretary 0300/321-4144874 Ch. Tahir Rafeeq Library Secretary [...]

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Cabinet of 2006-07

Name Designation Contact Ch. Imran Masood President 0300/321-4364436 Ch. Babar Waheed Senior Vice-President 0300-9415427 0321-4460468 Muhammad Araaf Awan Vice-President 0323-4248370 0321-4472243 Main Ahmed Vice-President(model town) 0333-4663298 Roa-Sami Secretary General 0300-4207049 Numaan Rehmat Secretary 0333-4252551 0300-8020244 Miss Chanda Ajmeel Joint Secretary 0300-4282004 Waseem Rehmat Finance Secretary 0333-4288351 Ch. Tahir Rafeeq Library Secretary 0300-4214458 0321-4353806 Muhammad [...]

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Cabinet of 2005-06

Name Designation Contact Ch. Muhammad Naeem President 0333-4234397 Tariq Riaz Senior Vice-President 0300-9490103 Abbas Ali Sandhu Vice-President 020-4612980 Mirza Khalid Javed Baig Vice-President(model town) 0303-6411287 G.A Khan Tariq Secretary General 0333-4246588 Naveed Aslam Secretary 0300-9451775 Miss Shabana Nadeem Joint Secretary 0300-4210940 Aziz Ahmed Bhatti Finance Secretary 0300-9423886 Ali Hussain Awan Library Secretary 0300-9406084 Shirafat [...]

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Cabinet of 2004-05

Name Designation Contact Mirza Haneef Baig President 0300-4601967 Arshad Jahangeer Jhoja Senior Vice-President 0333-4253326 Tariq Mahmood Sandhu Vice-President 0300-9435499 Mahmod -ul-Rasheed Vice-President(model town) 0333-4283487 Rana Qamar Parvez Zia Secretary General 0300-94000662 Muhammad Maqsood Bater Secretary 0300-9425248 Nadeem Ansari Joint Secretary 0300-4205405 Miss Shabana Ahmed Finance Secretary 0300-4130069 Muhammad Rmazan Ch. Library Secretary 0300-4114375 Sheikh [...]

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Cabinet of 2003-04

Name Designation Contact Mansoor -UR-Rehmen Khan Afridi President 0303-6432965/0303-7352667 Umar Hayyat Sandhu Senior Vice-President 0333-4333791-7593191 M. Sohail Vice-President 0300-9424699-7325125 Rana Rayaz Ahmed Khan Vice-President(model town) 0300-9445517-5826933 Agha Faisal Bin Zulfiqar Secretary General 0333-4273995-7722220 Tahir Nas-ULLAH Warrich Secretary 0300-9446664-7464470 M. Usman Shubani Khan Joint Secretary 0300-8452720-7599019 Tanveer Ahmed Ch. Finance Secretary 0300-8473218 Malik Arsahad Ahmed [...]

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Cabinet of 2002-03

Name Designation Contact Address Ch. Nisar Ahmed Kosar President 0320-4255766/6667930 E.151 street officers colony walton road LHR cantt. Ch.Hamid Mahmood Senior Vice President 0333-4248753/7242736 16 Batiye Road Samna-bad LHR. Tariq Mahmood Vice-President 0300-9486142/7235492 22/11 Cha-Mehran Road LHR. Tasaduq Hussain Awan Vice-President(model town) 5810746 Street 360/BIII Gulstan colony LHR. Sajid Bashir Sheikh Secretary General 7115717/7222182 [...]

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Cabinet of 2001-02

Name Designation Contact Address Muhammad Araf Bhandar President 042-37284748/7609899 Khokar Badmi Bagh LHR. Tariq Majeed Khan Senior Vice-President 0303-7587479 Milad Chowak Raiwind Distt. LHR M Naveed Sheikh Vice-President 042-36661518 Street#79-A no.2 Officers Colony Calvary Ground LHR. cantt Kabeer Ahmed CH. Vice-President(model town) 042-35168373-4 495-M Model Town LHR. Syed Zafar Abbas Gilani Secretary General 0320-4801774 [...]

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Cabinet of 1947 to 1999

Name Designation Year Sheikh Azeem Ullah President 1947 Kh.Ghulam Mustafa President 1948 Kh.Ghulam Mustafa President 1949 Main Ahmad Din President 1950 Malik Aslam Hayat President 1951 Sheikh Mahboob Elahi President 1952 Ch.M. Hussan Khan President 1953 Maulavi Mashtaq Hassain President 1954 Main Ahmed Din President 1955 Sheikh Mohammad Latif President 1956 Ch. Mohd, Hassan [...]

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